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Outstanding Massage Therapy Solutions

In life, our bodies can sometimes take a beating. From stress to exercising and playing sports, it’s very easy for our bodies to become tired and weak. However, with proper treatment from leading medical professionals, you can experience less pain and have more stamina for the activities you love most. For massage therapy, qualified clinical massage therapist, and other very beneficial services, be sure to contact Crystal City Massage. We are a very experienced company that takes pride in providing alternative healthcare that has proven to be very beneficial to your health. Located in Arlington, VA, we’re here to provide amazing healthcare solutions for those in the entire area. Keep reading to learn more about our practice, including how to contact us.

Outstanding Massage Therapy Solutions

Our Services

Here at Crystal City Massage, our exceptional services help to really set us apart from the competition. Our medical experts have decades of experience in the field and we have deep knowledge of how to treat many injuries and conditions. Some of our leading services include:

Massage Therapy

Whether you're recovering from a brutal injury or you just want to relieve stress from everyday life, our massage solutions are perfect for you. From gentle treatments to more aggressive movements, we can provide the type of massage experience that's focused on your needs. Our massage therapists use various techniques that have been proven to be very successful in treating injuries and relieving discomfort from activities we do every day.


This type of medical treatment involves pricking the skin or certain tissues with needles. Originating in ancient China, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years by people all over the world. While the biggest benefit of this solution is its pain-relieving qualities, it has also been used to treat other various physical conditions, including mental and emotional conditions as well. Call us today to work with a qualified acupuncturist.

Meet Our Team in Arlington

We are proud to serve Arlington, Virginia here at Crystal City Massage. From back pain and neck pain to muscle tightness and sports injuries, our licensed massage therapist uses the “whole person” approach to solve his patients' needs. Instead of only focusing on the condition at hand, our therapist look at various aspects of the patient's life to help determine the best treatments moving forward.

We are also proud to have five massage therapists on staff here at our office. No matter what health concern is bothering you, they can offer outstanding clinical massage treatments to get your life back on track. Whether you’re searching for a relaxing massage, or a clinical massage, our team is always here for your specific needs.

Crystal City Massage has been providing outstanding alternative medicine solutions for nearly 17 years. Our staff and exceptional services keep our patients coming back time and time again. For questions or to schedule an appointment, visit our Arlington office or give us a call at 571-970-6551 today!


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