Sports Massage

Specialist for Sports Massage

Massage therapy can be an effective way of treating a sports injury. For an experienced masseuse in Arlington, contact our team at Massage Crystal City today. You can schedule an appointment and be adjusted.

Everyone from world-class athletes to hobby joggers can benefit from a sports massage. The massage therapy will focus on the parts of the body that are the most used and stressed. You can enhance performance by getting a massage before a big game or competition. It's also a good way to wind down after a big event or an injury. 


Benefits of Sports Massage

After any sports injury, you'll want to get back to training right away. Having a good rehabilitation and recovery schedule can speed up your healing time and help you get back to prime condition. The right massage therapist will work with you to help heal and restore your body.

Promotes flexibility

Increased flexibility can help with better performance. A massage promotes blood flow and can help to move lymph through the body. It will warm up muscles and help stretch the ligaments for more flexibility. The body will become more relaxed, which in turn eases stiffness. Even 30 seconds of massage can help to improve flexibility.

Helps fatigue

A massage stimulates the body and can invigorate you. Therapeutic touch is a great method of promoting overall well-being, including by decreasing feelings of tiredness. Massage helps to ease sore muscles. By easing pain, you can indirectly help to prevent fatigue. Increased blood flow wakes up the body and is a great way of helping you to perform better and heal faster. It pushes out lactic acid build-up and brings in fresh oxygenated blood. It will also help the body to get to sleep faster. During sleep, the body recovers better.

Prevents Injury and Heals Injury

A massage in Arlington can help to heal an injury. It will reduce swelling and pain. It also will help to ease symptoms such as anxiety or depression. Relax and unwind with a sports injury massage and treat your body with the best care.

Promotes mind and body preparedness

Getting a massage before an event will help you get in the zone. It will also help you to relax after the event. If you're injured, it can help speed up recovery.


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